Used Wooden Pallets For Sale

Used Wooden Pallets 

If you are in Kenilworth and need to palletise goods to send on our same day or overnight pallet delivery service you can obtain second hand or used wooden pallets from Pallets4Sale in Coventry who can supply and deliver standard size pallets or Euro pallets quickly to our customers in Kenilworth, Leamington, Warwick or throughout Warwickshire.

used pallets Kenilworth

Pallet collars are also available from them in 120cm x 80cm Euro pallet size and standard 120cm x 100cm dimensions. Pallet collars are perfect for attaching to pallets when extra protection for palletised goods is required. Either size can of course be used to make raised beds and are therefore very popular with gardeners and those with allotments.

pallet collars Kenilworth

In addition to supplying standard timber pallets they can also provide over-size or double pallets for larger items with an option for heat treated pallets compliant with IPPC ISPM 15 for any of your export requirements.

If your goods require greater protection than that afforded by using standard pallet footprints and pallet collars, we suggest you visit Defenda Crates to obtain custom made crates and cases. They can build bespoke OSB or solid crates and cases to your exact specification all of which conform to IPPC ISPM 15 certified wooden packaging requirements.

There is also the option to have your goods packed and shipped to both UK and international destinations in their custom wooden crates or cases. With highly competitive international shipping options we suggest you contact them at the earliest opportunity for a quote.

Alternatively contact us during normal office hours and a member of our team will be delighted to give you advice and UK & international shipping using boxes, containers or any form of wooden packaging.

Why not simply visit our contact us page for more ways to get in touch.