Kenilworth Pallet Network Deliveries

Next Day Kenilworth Pallet Network Delivery Service

Pallet delivery through a pallet network is sometimes a great way for Kenilworth customers to save money on some single pallet deliveries. Although not quite as reliable as pallet delivery in a dedicated vehicle you can still get a pretty reliable service if you choose one of the better networks.

We regularly put our clients’ pallets into our own pallet network when it makes sense to do so. We are fully aware of how useful they are & when to use them for a client’s palletised freight but we also understand that network deliveries can often be more expensive than the better option of a direct pallet delivery of single or multiple pallets. We are committed to ensuring that best advice is passed on to clients ensuring they receive the best pallet delivery service for the price they pay.

The problem with pallet networks is that even the best performing ones can on occasion be guilty of misrouting a pallet that ends up in completely the wrong area of the country. This type of error can be potentially disastrous for the recipient who faces a day or two delay in receiving their delivery. Kenilworth Couriers works with lots of the pallet networks, many of which are also based in the Midlands, to quickly rectify the situation with an emergency collection & delivery in a dedicated vehicle. These sorts of problems are extremely rare in the better networks & non existent with direct pallet delivery in dedicated vans.

For more information on our economy or same day pallet delivery services why not call us today. ADR pallets can be carried by our fully qualified ADR drivers, so if you need us to transport Hazardous materials or dangerous goods we can help with our direct delivery service.

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Pallet Network Delivery Services
Kenilworth Couriers sprinter van being loaded with a pallet